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July 2016


July 2016

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April 2016

Spring 2016 Collections from Samuel & Sons: The Bejeweled Collection

April 2016

The Bejeweled Collection
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Heirloom jewels are re-imagined in Bejeweled, a luxurious selection of tapes, cords and holdbacks featuring lustrous metals, artisanal hand embroidery, and stunning beadwork.

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New this season Lori Weitzner Design presents Bejeweled for Samuel & Sons, a collection of decorative trims featuring a luxurious selection of tapes, cords, and holdbacks inspired by jewelry both old and new. The Bejeweled collection truly takes trim to the next level, featuring a mix of materials, textures, and techniques that play with silver, gold, and other lustrous tones. Thought of as jewelry for the home, the collection is timeless, elegant, and luxurious. With many of the designs being handmade in Calcutta India, using century old weaving techniques, this collection successfully captures the delicacy of fine jewelry while maintaining quality craftsmanship.

Bejeweled includes seven designs in total, with five intricate tapes, one holdback and one cord. The original handmade designs pay homage to classically ancient techniques including metal beading, pearl and stud embroidery and timeless French knots.
Offered in four sumptuous colorways, Charmer is a true show-stopper. Fluid rows of metal beading are sewn on the silk satin with lustrous metallic thread. Each piece is hand-embroidered creating an intricate motif that undulates throughout the trim.

Inspired by intricate surfaces and techniques of Faberge eggs, Artemis is a hand-embroidered tape that luxuriously dazzles in the light. Delicate beads are sewn on with metallic threads, giving this tape added glamour. Available in four colorways.

Orion is a hand embroidered, studded tape, available in two sizes and three distinct colorways. The application of studs has been around for centuries, first appearing on the armor of ancient cultures. Orion is our modern day interpretation of this time honored technique. The Orion Holdback adds timeless glamour to any curtain. A counterpart to the Orion tape, the holdback is adorned with studs that are each embroidered by hand onto the cotton-silk surface and finished with coordinating metallic clasps. Available in three colorways.

Pearls never go out of style. Drawing upon the classic beauty of Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and their penchant for pearl necklaces, Juliette is embellished by hand with pearls and metallic thread, available in one stunning color only.
A mixture of matte and metallic threads are wrapped together to form Whitney, a cord offered in ten nuanced colorways.
Astra is a glamourous yet unassuming tape featuring hand sewn matte sequins using the age-old French knot technique. The embroidery forms multicolored circular motifs that cheerfully and elegantly repeat across its surface. This fresh tape is available in eleven usable colorways.

Spring 2016 Collections from Samuel & Sons: The Calisto Collection

April 2016

The Calisto Collection

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Calisto was inspired by the influence of light on the colors within butterfly wings.  It encompasses a brilliant color story portrayed through the use of strie and enhanced by the juxtaposition of the matte and sheen fibers from which it is woven. 

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The Calisto Collection is a brilliant color story portrayed through the use of strie, which is enhanced by the juxtaposition of the matte and sheen fibers from which it is woven.  This contrast in level of luster influences how color is perceived and its areas of prominence.  Throughout the collection, colors vary from light to dark tones rendered through strie.  This can be seen in the color variation within the individual branches that compose the braided Calisto Cord to the lustrous variegated center of the Calisto Gimp framed by matte borders.

The focal point of this collection is the Calisto Triple Bead fringe.  It carries the strie of color from the center of its header braid to its varied clusters of dewdrop beads.  These monochromatic beads vary in tonality due to their yarn colors and level of luster.  Aesthetically, this contrast creates more complexity and a distinct rhythm.  This is a stunning fringe applied horizontally or waterfalled when applied vertically.

The Calisto Tassel Tieback and coordinating Calisto Key Tassel molds take their inspiration in form from the dew drop beads in the Calisto Triple Bead Fringe. Color is carried from the braided cord embrace and loop through the molds to the sleek, strie, linear skirt.

Calisto’s Indigo, Spearmint, Ultramarine and Azalea, bespoke colors within the Samuel and Sons repertoire are balanced by subtler gradations of tone in Bisque, Fog and Linen.

Spring 2016 Collections from Samuel & Sons: The Optix Collection

April 2016

The Optix Collection

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Optix, is a sophisticated collection of appliqued, geometric borders incorporating origami folding techniques articulated through a contemporary palette of neutrals.

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Optix is a sophisticated collection of appliqued, geometric borders incorporating origami folding techniques articulated through a contemporary palette of neutrals. Individual translucent acrylic foils are folded and yield components with various planes.  These components are then assembled into patterns and appliqued onto twill borders using tonal accent stitching.  This results in 3 dimensional geometric designs whose structure comes from the various angles created by the foil folds in conjunction with the overall pattern created when they are combine.

Elliptic Applique Border – is composed of a series of ovals, each fastened in the center while edges extend from the surface accentuating the true dimensionality of this design.  The Elliptic border is offered in light shades of Frost, Chamois and Stone.  It will be exquisite along the leading edge of a drapery or embellishing a valance.

Kinetic Applique Border - a series of end to end trapezoids make up an undulating pattern conveying motion in this 2” border available in colors Charcoal, Cortado and Jet.

Quadratic Applique Border – is constructed of squares created by the assembly of four folded foils whose varied planes combine with its inner angles to reveal a diamond of negative space within the centers.  The design is enhanced by horizontal and vertical lines of tonal stitching.

The Optix collection expresses directional insight in material exploration, construction, scale, and dimensionality in a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic.

Spring 2016 Collections from Samuel & Sons: The Semi Custom Collection

April 2016

The Semi Custom Collection

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The Semi-Custom program from Samuel & Sons is an innovation that enables designers to create infinite color combinations in different fibers within a curated collection of patterns.  With a cross-section of 54 patterns composed of cords, borders, fringes and tassels, clients can tap unlimited color combinations from a broad selection of yarns, creating their own interpretations of patterns in their choice of fibranne, rayon or linen with small minimums and quick delivery at competitive pricing.

The Samuel & Sons Semi-Custom program allows clients to design and render online, enabling them to see their creations in real-time before ordering.  Online renderings are supplemented by customized yarn reelings and memos that clients will receive prior to production.

Clients’ design tools also include pattern folders and a broad spectrum of yarn colors per fiber from which to work.  The Semi Custom design process is as follows:
1. visit samuelandsons.com/semicustom
2. select a pattern
3. select a fiber
4. select a yarn color per position
5. receive a memo form with yarn color reelings, a memo sample in yarn fiber, and full color rendering
6. pricing and delivery information listed online
7. approve and order online
This revolutionary program empowers designers with the opportunity to bring their own vision of design and color to reality.